In 2016 Nordic Polymer Days (NPD) and Nordic Rheology Conference (NRC) will be organized as a combined event at the University of Helsinki. Presentations in all areas of biomaterials, polymer science or rheology are welcome.

The meeting will take place at Helsinki University's Kumpula campus, which is one of the four main campuses having approximately 6000 students and 1000 employees. The daily conference program will be situated in the Physicum building.


This year we have 5 special themes

Advanced polymers and synthesis

Biopolymers and bioeconomy

Polymer based innovations


Polymer rheology




Krzysztof Matyjaszewski - Carnegie Mellon University

Niklas Nordgren - SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden

Robin Ras – Aalto University

Tsuguyuki Saito - The University of Tokyo

Jan Vermant – ETH Zurich

Françoise Winnik - University of Montreal

H. Henning Winter – University of Massachusetts Amherst

Upcoming related events

Nordic Innovative Drug Delivery Meeting in Mölndahl, Gotenburg 2-3.6. For further information, see: